Light Language with Nicol Jackson

Private Sessions

With over 16 years of working with countless people in private and group settings,  I have integrated a variety of tools and techniques which I bring to my practice to share with you.

My work begins with a deeply conscious connection to Source (spirit, god, divine, etc.), my personal guides, as well as my galactic family.   I am able to intuitively connect with your higher self to facilitate a 'healing' session that is multi-dimentional and in line with your highest and greatest good.  

  • A typical 'healing' session involves guidance, intention, facilitation, and movement of energy to release that which no longer serves you, balance out your overall being and align you to your highest self allowing you to raise your personal vibration to a resonance of well-being. 

  • We will work with many layers and dimentions of your mulit-dimensional self, re-connecting and awakening  'parts' of self that are ready to come forth and integrate them to fully assist you on your journey. 

  • REIKI is the foundational energy healing I bring to my practice integrated with spiritual guidance/counseling,  and sound and Light Language for a full spectrum of healing and spiritual alchemy!
  • Spiritual counseling can help people along their path to spiritual growth. The objective can include finding a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and putting pain and grief into perspective.

Time is allowed at the end of session for 'processing' and grounding  so you walk away from your experience fresh and re-awakened.  
In-Person Session
60 minutes  $88

Remote Session
30 minutes $44


  • Remote Energy Sessions are facilitated via online connection (zoom) and can be recorded.
  • Please pick a time that you will be undisturbed for the whole session time and maybe a few minutes of quiet time after for you to peacefully integrate the energy.
  • This is a process of intuitive trust in the power of energy healing and and your highest self that has guided you here.
Private 'Healing' Sessions:

  • are non-invasive
  • are complimentary to traditional medicine
  • work with the multi-dimentional as well as inter-dimentional layers of self
  • facilitate movement and clearing of old/stuck/stagnent energy
  • raises your personal vibration
  • stimulates your own body's natural healing response to activate your higher wisdom and knowledge
  • may assist you in connecting to your 'spiritual team' of guides and helpers in profound ways
  • empower you to live a full and harmonious life!
Some General Benefits:

  • decreases stress, nervous tension
  • helps reduce inflammation, joint and chronic pain
  • promotes deep lasting relaxation and peace
  • help you feel lighter and more creative
  • supports the physical body to heal and restore balance
  • helps energetic flow; Spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical levels
  • can be helpful energetic support for pre and post surgery care
  • aid in recovery and awakening from major life transition

Reiki is the foundational energy healing technique used for all sessions.  Intuitive guidance and support are called upon as well as your higher self. 

All sessions are facilitated in accordance with your highest and greatest good and with the utmost of integrety for you and I.

I create a space for you to do what ever it is you seek to do.  For you to let go, relax and heal that what you desire.  It is I that facilitates the session, but you who truely does 'the work'!  Your higher self only allows in what you a ready to receive at the time of the session. 

Please note...
Energy work is not a substitution to medical treatment but compliments it nicely! 

All 'healing' is facilitated at the direction of your highest self, you are always in control of any and all 'healing' that occurs within you!