Light Language with Nicol Jackson

Light Language - A Divine Feminine Tool

“The energy words are to be used to code your body directly into the Light. They also provide the sound vibrations of greeting and protection…To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages or some other language, would deprive consciousness of a direct experience with the power of the sacred language. Transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse, which is similar to the symphonic song of a musical masterpiece transposed out of its original key into a strange cacophony.”                                                                             

Light - the natural agent that stimulates 'sight' and makes things 'visible'.

Language - the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

Embracing the Language of the HEART I am able to access LIGHT from the higher frequencies/dimensions/timelines/structures and channel it via my highest expression of self.  My cosmic connection guides me to speak, sign, tone and write the language of light to assist in the ascension and expansion of each soul! 

Light Language can not be interpreted by the mind, only via the heart.  It is a resonance of unconditonal love. Each transmission is different and unique.  It is understood and interpreted on the level (dimension/timeline) it is to be received.  There are 'seed symbols' that when toned change your DNA and cells and this is where healing occurs.  When I 'sing' a certain tone...that sound/vibration is integrated into your energy field and your energy shifts.  It comes from a place of pure unconditional love...from my heart center.  It is 100% authentic. 

An important thing to know about Light Language is that everyone is able to 'use' it!  This is not a unique  or special ability or tool, it is an ancient way of communicating and living.  It's coming through as part of our rememberance.  It is an empowerment for us to be in our heartspace, so being able to communicate via our heartspace, from our souls, leads us to living a more authentic way of life. 

Where does the light language come from?  The Light Language comes from the every expanding Universe & beyond ALL TIME AND SPACE!   Light Language consits of Light Codes of Vibration that come from specific sacred sounds and sacred geometry that vibrate at a certain level to facilitate healing and expansion.  Light is vibration and this helps us to integrate the energy and 'new' vibrations into our bodies and multidimensional layers of self.  Light Language Codes that come through as hand movements (signing) as well as written codes, vibrate into our awareness via our sight.
How did I discover Light Language? 

In 2013, while pregnant with our 4th baby we were told by doctors that he had a chromosomal 'condition' and that he would be 'incompatable with life'.  As I processed my life and how to proceed with it, I decided surrend was the only option.  Surrender to life as it was and hope and pray for our baby.   During this time of complete surrender and trust in the higher powers that be as I prayed and I hoped.  On 8/8/13 at full term, our Jacob was born sleeping.  Through my process of grieving & healing I found comfort in signs and syncronisities from Spirit and from JACOB.  I continued leading healing and meditation groups and began 'making sounds' and connections that I had not 'made' before (or at least on a conscious level)!  I searched and read about Light Language, but I continued by what I was 'feeling' .  These sounds, symbols and signs, containing high vibrations of frequency from higher dimensions began to persoanlly attune, activate and have different and unique effects on my whole being.  I was guided to share these gifts fully during meditation groups as well as personal sessions and it began having a profound effect on others!  The Light Language shifted my life in dramatic ways, and I realized that I was healing in profound ways!  

Light Language has awakened me to my true self and deep soul remembrance....I AM now able to acknowledging my true divinity and soul purpose and share it fully with others!
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NEW MOON MANIFESTATION 11/22/2014-11/26/2014

At the end of 2016, I 'stumbled' upon these 'codes' I had written in Novermber of 2014 during a NEW MOON 'RITUAL' I had performed.  Three days (11/22, 11/24, and 11/26) after connecting I received these.  I had tucked them away once the 'intention' was set and literally forgot about them until 2 years later, after a profound healing and deep connective experience on 11/22/2016 in which I 'allowed' myself to open fully to my 'guides' that would assist me with my light language.  I connected with a 'cosmic gatekeeper' who opened me up to a re-newed awareness of my light language gifts! 

This is 'ancient' rememberance that I bring forth at this time because this is what 'I came her to do!'  This is my path, my mission, my passion! 
In remembering who I truely AM ~ I assist ALL in that same rememberance!  

This video shows written Light Codes received during this channeled session.  You will hear sounds and words channeled from the 'higher realms' that can assist you in this NOW moment to awaken your AKASH!