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Kundalini Reiki Master

Self-Study Certification Program with Remote Attunements

Master Kuthumi’s expressed goal of the Kundalini Activation (attunement) is to lead to expanding states of Universal Consciousness, Peace, Light and Love –and it is happening NOW! 

A gift to humanity, a tool to empower self-enlightenment!

By opening and strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing reiki energy to yourself and others -- Simply with intention!

  • Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world.
  • At the same time, within us resides a subtle system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) which look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being.
  • Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed.
  • When the Kundalini is awakened, these qualities start manifesting spontaneously and express themselves in our life.

With regular practice, we become dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. It is a process which starts to develop by itself when the Kundalini rises and starts to nourish our chakras.

  • There are 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki Attunements
  • Certified 'Master' to 'attune' others. 
  • Kundalini Reiki is a progressive method in that each attunement strengthens and intensifies the previous one. 
  • You will also learn an Exercise for Balancing of the Energy Systems as well as tips and helpful information about Kundalini Reiki

Get Attuned Today with this simple Self-Study Program! 
In my easy to read 18 page manual you will learn:

  • What Kundalini Reiki is, history, etc...
  • The 3 Levels of Kundalini Reiki 
  • How to receive/give attunements 
  • Bonus Attunements: crystalline reiki, dna reiki, birth trauma reiki, location reiki, past life reiki
  • How to use Kundalini Reiki to 'heal' self and others
  • Exercies for Balancing your Energy System
  • Tips and helpful info about Kundalini Reiki

Only $44!
-18 page manual downloadable pdf
-3 Kundalini Reiki Attunements - via remote attunement
-Certificate upon completion via mail
-A simple and effective healing technique for yourself and others!

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