Light Language with Nicol Jackson
Thank you for being here NOW,  for being here on this Earth at this time! 

I celebrate YOU and All that YOU Are!

As unique and purposful individuals, we are all apart of a growing global consciousness that is raising the vibration of the Earth and all of its inhabitants, restoring it to it's natural state of being, of beauty. 



Living in Salem all my life, I was always 'close' to the 'occult' ~ 'Witchraft Heights' was my stomping ground and the popular Witch adorned Water Tower @ 'Gallows Hill' was almost my back door!  I would spend time wandering the woods, placing rocks and sticks as 'altars; always 'looking for something' and feeling at home there - a rememberance of past times spent.  These woods were a 'refuge' during my childhood, and they absorbed a lot of trama and pain, pain that was too much for me to carry.  I realize now that those woods grounded me to this earth plane and as I acknowledge that part of me, I am able to carry myself forward with a sense of empowerment.

'Something' always carried me through it all, guiding me through syncronisities and experiences that were teaching me exactly what I needed to 'know' to 'grow'.  In 2000 I received my first attunement to Traditional Usui Reiki, not really 'knowing' what it was but 'trusting' - and this was the re-connection that sparked my journey of 'consciously healing'!  As I continued to say 'YES,' I was opened to new levels of awareness and challenges. 

In September of 2012, I met Dr. Amber Wolf and was 'initiated & annointed' into the Lemurian Sisterhood - with again, no idea but trusting.  This was the first time in my life that my soul 'consciously recognized' some'one' from my 'past' in a total and complete way!  When I say 'past' I refer to past lives!  

Today, I realize the Divine Plan was set in motion way beyond anything I can wrap my mind around, and saying YES to the Sisterhood was a bigger YES than I had expected!  Not too long after meeting Amber and 'joining' the Sisterhood, I found out I was pregnant with our 4th baby!  My mantra became 'You are never given any more than you can handle!'